How To Determine Your Press-On Nail Size

The easiest method is to use and purchase one of our nail sizing kits.

  • The kit comes with ten blank nails. The nails are numbered from 0 to 9 for reference. All you have to do is match each nail to your fingers to determine the size that matches your fingers best. Then, write them down. For example, Thumb- 3, Index-6, Middle-5, Ring-7, and Pinky-10.

Measure Your Nail Bed

  • Use a soft measuring tape or scotch tape to measure the widest part of your nail bed and write down the number.
  • Please remember that the number is not always the most accurate due to the fact the everyone measures differently. 
  • Only use this method if you cannot get one of our sample nail sizing kits. 

Order Now!!

Our press-on nails are handmade so we cannot be held responsible if the wrong size is ordered. We encourage you to use our nail sizing kit and then order one of our nail designs that caught your eye.