Application- Using Nail Glue

How to Apply Press On Nails With Nail Glue: 

  1. Use a file to lightly remove the shine from your natural nail. Round off any nail growth.
  2. Use the end of the file or a cuticle stick to push back your cuticle to fee all possible space on your nail bed
  3. Next, use your buffer to lightly buff over your natural nails.
  4. Take out an alcohol wipe to clean off each nail of any dust. This helps to dehydrate your nail plate to the glue can adhere.
  5. Make sure the press on nail fits your nail bed before applying the glue. You can file down each side to reduce the size of the press- on nail to fit your nail bed. 
  6. Next, apply the nail glue to your natural nail. Do not use too much. Do not apply it too close to the cuticle.
  7. Set the press-on nail to the back of your nail bed, making sure it is straight.
  8. Place the press-on nail all the way. flat. Apply pressure to it for 30 seconds.